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Youth Homelessness Matters Day (YHMD) is on Wednesday 20 April. Join the campaign to end youth homelessness in Australia by 2030.

Did you know? In Australia, 28,000 young people (aged 12-24) are homeless on any given night and more than a million children and young adults are living below the poverty line.

Youth Homelessness Matters Day (YHMD) aims to raise awareness about youth homelessness so that we can better support, understand and advocate for homeless young people in Australia.

The Property Industry Foundation is committed to housing and supporting vulnerable young people through our fundraising campaigns and our Haven House Project building program. We are inspired by the voices of young people who have found a home and stability through our Foundation’s ongoing collaboration and contribution from the construction and property industry and our Charity Partners who run the homes.

Becca* is just one of many young people we’ve been able to support through the Haven House Project. Becca is currently living at Haven House Dundas after being removed from her parents. After an initial adjustment, she has settled in well and has been living at the house for two years. During that time Becca has secured a part time job, is completing year 12 at school and developing independent living skills with the support of house parents. She is planning to attend university in 2023 and will have the opportunity to continue living at the house while she completes her tertiary studies.

Don’t let youth like Becca fall through the cracks. Let’s end youth homelessness by 2030.

*Not her real name or image