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An update on the 30-Day Fitness Challenge accomplishments

It’s crazy to think The 30-Day Fitness Challenge was more than 30 days ago! It was an amazing effort by the property and construction industry to come together and get fit to fight youth homelessness.

The accomplishments made in both fitness feats and fundraising are beyond impressive and has motivated us more than ever seeing what we can do when we come together.

Projects you helped get moving

Through the funds raised from the challenge, we have been able to start house projects, push forward into approval stage for projects and have assets ready for projects we have in early development.

PIF House Clayton a six-bedroom development in Melbourne for Lighthouse Foundation has started construction and is expected to complete early to mid-2021, a non disclosed five-bedroom Sydney project has been able to move into the DA approval stage and we can now allocate funds to a future project in Queensland.

Speaking with many of our participants and seeing the impact made in their lives and the lives of homeless youth that will need a place to sleep at night, we wanted to give another huge property industry Foundation thank you to everyone that took part and helped make a tangible difference to youth homelessness in Australia.