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See if your office can donate furniture to fund PIF House Projects across Australia

The Furniture Fund is an initiative to help the property and construction industry make a difference to the lives of homeless youth. We want to help you with your furniture moving needs whilst making a difference to the environment and providing a positive impact on young lives.
Not sure if your office or business can get involved? We have made a simple checklist.

Are you moving office?

As many offices downsize or move in this growing digital age, now is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate how you use your workspace. Less use of meeting rooms, reception areas and lounge spaces could remove the need for some furniture.

What's in your storage area?

Does your office have a room or space filled with nothing but extra chairs and desks that never get used? Furniture Fund can help with this unintentional office hoarding in a way that’s good for the environment.

Is there any spaces in the office that has unused furniture like a lobby, waiting area or meeting room?

Some offices have that space that you walk by every day and think “we never use this”. Have a waiting room but the office doesn’t hold appointments, have that extra meeting room that is either too big or too small, have a lunch area but everyone eats out? These are the times Furniture Fund can come in and help you make room to use your space in a way that is better for you.

If your business matches any of these points, then you are in a position to take an action that helps your workplace the environment and homeless youth!

To learn more


Reach out to Priscilla Heathwood
0438 686 370