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ADCO, Aurecon and Stantec pedal for purpose to close the 30-Day Fitness Challenge

On the second last day of the 30-Day Fitness Challenge, our incredible fitness challengers from teams ADCO, Aurecon and Stantec  joined together in an all-out cycle off at CycleBar in Crows Nest.

The three teams were coached through waves of movement, acceleration and endurance as they pushed through a 45-minute burner of a spin class, pumped up by music.

It was fantastic to see supporters make time together to put their health and support of homeless youth as a priority.

Thank you to everyone that came out and joined us. A very special thank you to Shannon Keogh and the team at CycleBar Crows Nest and Niki from Heal the World Massage for providing message services for our battle-tested riders.

Nicki is also using the opportunity to help give back as for every in-office massage booked with Heal the World Massage, 10% will be donated directly to the foundation! If you’re in need of recovery from a long 30-Day Fitness Challenge Nicki’s details here.

While the challenge has officially hit its last day, you can still show support to our fantastic fitness fundraisers by donating to the teams and individuals that did such a great job over the past 30 days.

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