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National Projects (NPM) have come on board as a Property Industry Foundation’s national partner. CEO Daniel Afonso says the Foundation’s work to house and support homeless youth struck a chord with his organisation.NPM creates places for people, and we believe all people have the right to feel safe, secure and a sense of belonging, whether that’s at work or where they live. This is particularly important for those that need a place from which to build a positive future.”

A majority-owned indigenous company, NPM Indigenous are committed to providing meaningful employment and economic opportunities to local Indigenous communities, to build skills and economic opportunities for future generations of Indigenous people. Explains Daniel: “NPM Indigenous was born from a desire to help build communities and to give a bright future to young First Nations peoples through becoming skilled in the construction industry.”

“Work to leave this world in a better place than how you found it.”

Daniel Afonso, CEO, NPM

Meeting local Indigenous communities in Northern Australia further instilled the importance of a safe, secure home. “I first began to understand the importance of having a safe place to call ‘home’ after visiting Aboriginal communities during fishing trips up North,” says Daniel. “Helping others is something I’ve always felt strongly about, and I feel very fortunate to be able to help make that happen with the amazing teams I work with at NPM, NPM Indigenous and Creo.”

NPM is ready to get to work in building homes for homeless youth. “The NPM community is passionate about helping to provide safe and secure places for those who are homeless and rebuilding their lives, and we have the knowledge, skill, enthusiasm, and energy to make a real difference through the respected and experienced Property Industry Foundation. We are open and keen to explore all opportunities where our people can make a real difference.”

With a team of 175 people across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra, NPM also has plans to get involved in many of the charity events that the Property industry Foundation runs each year. “The team have already enthusiastically embraced the 30-day Fitness Challenge,” says Daniel. “We’re looking forward to the Sydney Sleepout later in the year, to connect with what’s at the heart of the Property Industry Foundation.”

Since 2004 NPM has been delivering premium design, projects, construction and maintenance services for clients in the government, public and private sectors across New South Wales and Victoria.