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We congratulate Elizabeth Mackison, Submissions Manager at Taylor, who has been appointed to the role of Chair for the Future Leaders Committee in NSW.

Congrats Elizabeth! Are you excited to move into this role?

I am so flattered to have been invited to act in the role of Chair for the Future Leaders and am excited to take the bull by the horns in this leadership and advocacy role. I’ve always been busy hustling behind the scenes and it’s extremely humbling to be recognised by the Foundation.

How long have you been involved with the Foundation?

My first experience with the Property Industry Foundation was 10 years ago, when I attended a Christmas wrap night, putting together hampers for various homes around Syndey. Hearing such an emotional firsthand account from one of the carers really solidified my dedication to the cause. I have been supporting the Foundation since that time and been involved behind the scenes on behalf of the businesses I’ve worked for in managing the events and assisting in fundraising. In 2021, I helped refurbish the property that became the Haven House at Dulwich Hill along with Taylor and other organisations which was an incredible experience. Not every charitable foundation allows you to get your hands dirty, and for me that experiential part is vital to raising awareness. I joined the FLC in 2022 and during that time, I’ve been heavily involved in our signature events (40 Under 40 and the Sydney SleepOut) as well as the Tour de PIF legacy event.

Why did you want to support the Foundation and its goals?

Prior to joining the industry, I didn’t have any special connection to youth homelessness. Growing up in a very sheltered enclave of Sydney, homelessness was not something I had ever really encountered.

“I ask the leaders of tomorrow to choose the Property Industry Foundation today. Our efforts now can only compound.”

Elizabeth Mackison, FLC Chair

Homelessness was just a statistic to me. When I moved to Surry Hills in my early 20’s I started to see the homelessness around me and helped in my own way where I could. I was inspired by my mother who I’d see slip a $50 note under the pillow of someone sleeping rough or buying people Crocs and socks on a cold winter day. I did the same, but I had a sense of hopelessness. What could I actually contribute? I didn’t understand the cycle of homelessness and how easy it is for people, even in a privileged country like Australia, to slip into homelessness. That first Christmas wrap night with the Foundation had a profound effect on me. The Foundation, in particular its unique vision and structure showed me that individuals can make tangible change. You don’t have to be a major patron to offer benevolence.

How does the FLC advocate for change?

The FLC is one of the Foundation’s most important advocacy groups. The Committee are active in utilising their social capital to raise awareness about youth homelessness. We advocate to our own businesses and our wider network, as well as supporting the Foundation’s legacy events and creating our own.

The emerging 40 Under 40 event which was launched in 2022 has allowed industry leaders to think about the future and the kind of culture they are trying to cultivate. The company’s that support the Foundation have a holistic person in mind. An advocate for social change. By recognising the industry’s 40 Under 40, the committee is asking young people to reflect on the great work that the Foundation has delivered over the past 27 years and identify how, as peers, we can raise awareness and make tangible change. I ask the leaders of tomorrow to choose the Property Industry Foundation today. Our efforts now can only compound.

What Foundation event or campaign do you most look forward to and why?

Nothing allows you to show your commitment like sleeping out in solidarity with the homeless. The Sydney SleepOut has been the Future Leaders Committee flagship event for some time and though it has evolved to be a little bit more comfortable, this event has the most impact for me as we get a glimpse of a lived experience. This is the Foundation’s most accessible event, inviting absolutely anyone to take part without sacrificing work hours. You don’t need permission. You don’t need to wait for your turn. Last year we raised $72K and had fun doing it. There’s still time to register. Don’t hesitate. And if you can’t attend, please donate.

What are your hopes and plans for the FLC in 2024?

Being named as the Chair for the FLC has allowed me to reflect on what I bring to the Foundation and what a privilege it is to be a part of this committee. In 2024, I invite my committee colleagues to do the same. We all have our strengths and I want our approach as a committee to be organised and targeted. What I hope to achieve during my time as Chair is to empower this high-performance committee to increase their level of advocacy with a renewed fervour and expand their own network to benefit the Foundation.

Anything else you may want to add?

The Property Industry Foundation is the most worthwhile cause I have come across, and it’s solution is tangible. A large proportion of homeless youth become homeless adults. It’s not just a roof over their heads for a night, it’s a structured program to change lives. The Foundation has built over 200 rooms so far and your contribution and advocacy can build so many more.
Thanks, Elizabeth!

If you want to become a Future Leader, join one of our committees in Queensland, Victoria and NSW. Drop us a line and introduce yourself here.