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In a true gesture of goodwill, OpenCorp has donated $5,000 to the Property Industry Foundation during a recent client night.

A $5,000 cheque for homeless youth building projects was presented to Property Industry Foundation Board member Faten Sadik at the OpenCorp Exclusive Client Night on 10 November at Encore, St Kilda. “We host events regularly for our clients, it provides valuable market updates, a chance to network and mingle with like-minded individuals and enjoy a night out together,” says Matthew Lewison, OpenCorp CEO. “Having the ability to donate to the Foundation at an event such as this is such a proud moment and we hope this inspires our very fortunate clients to consider their own capacity to give back in the future.”

With a few hundred people in attendance, it was a chance for the group to reflect on their good fortune and find out more about the work of the Foundation. “We are fully aware of the fortunate position we are in – alongside our clients – as property investors. We see first-hand how difficult it can be for renters at the moment. There truly is a housing crisis and we hope that through raising awareness and demonstrating our support we can help to keep people off the streets and make a positive impact on the wider community.”

It’s thanks to support from OpenCorp and our corporate partners that we can build secure and stable homes for vulnerable young people through The Haven Project. “We have committed to supporting the Property Industry Foundation and look forward to working together to continue to make a difference,” says Matt “We believe that the work the Foundation is doing is important and is making a positive impact on the lives of at-risk young people. The more that we begin to understand the charity and the work they do, the more we want to continue to be involved and help in any way we can.”

Happy holidays, OpenCorp and thank you for your generosity!

Give a gift

this holiday season

There are many great and exciting ways to give to homeless youth these holidays. Whether it’s a simple holiday donation or a holiday fundraising activity with your colleagues. All donations received towards the Foundation’s holiday appeal help create greater resources and opportunities to build more bedrooms for homeless youth in 2024.

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