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Put your hands together four our newest PIF donor

We are delighted to announced that Helping Hands Sanitiser has joined PIF as a donor in Victoria.

Helping Hands has a smart hand sanitiser that caters for the needs of businesses in keeping staff and clients protected in the current environment. For founder Ed Sladen there was a clear crossover with PIF.

“Our business is built on protecting people within offices and buildings from germs and viruses, and PIF is about providing protection for youth around the country that need more assistance than others,” said Sladen. “We felt like this was a cause that we just had to be part of and do our bit.

Helping Hands started the relationship by reaching out to PIF charity partner, Melbourne City Mission, and have agreed to provide units to MCM Frontyard to ensure that staff and attendees can protect themselves while visiting the state.

At the same time as being committed to helping PIF and the wider property and construction industry to have an impact on youth homelessness, Helping Hands also has a product which is suited to the current environment. It’s also a locally-owned business using local manufacturing capability to make the sanitisers. The sanitisers can be used inside and outside and are battery operated.

“We want to build a long-term relationship with the PIF team and support the cause through our sanitiser business,” said Sladen. “It is making an amazing contribution to the problem of youth homelessness in our country.”