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Richard Stacker adds himself to the list of Coffee Roulette heavy hitters

This months Coffee Roulette heavy hitter is Industrial & Logistics CEO and member of Charter Hall’s Group Executive team Richard Stacker.  

Richard is a wealth of industry knowledge that offers years of valuable experience and a great morning coffee companion. He’s also a member of PIF’s NSW Board of Advisors. 

If you haven’t already signed up to PIF’s Coffee Roulette, right now is definitely the best time to join. 

Coffee Roulette is PIF’s way of connecting the industry. You join up (for free!) and every month you are connected with another member and you can meet for coffee. It’s a great way to increase your network and connect with new, but like-minded, people. 

Whether it is a face to face meeting or a virtual, a casual get together is a place for creative thought and interaction. Your conversations can go on new paths every month. 

Connect with an Industry heavy hitter

This month, Richard Stacker will be joining PIF’s Coffee Roulette. Richard’s bio is below. Good luck!

  • Industrial & Logistics CEO and member of Charter Hall’s Group Executive team. 
  • Member of PIF’s NSW Board of Advisors. 
  • Leads a team of 50 industrial specialists managing 118 properties across $9.5b of industrial property and a $2b development pipeline. 
  • Over 25 years experience in real estate investment and funds management, investor relations, real estate finance, asset and development management. 
  • Previous roles at Macquarie Group, Lend Lease and PricewaterhouseCoopers.