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Last year, we provided more than 200 young Aussies with a place to call home

We recently undertook a review of all the PIF Houses, by getting in touch with our charity partners who operate the residences. And last year, you helped us build homes for 215 young people and children around the country.

There are nine PIF Houses in Victoria and New South Wales. These houses have a total of 85 bedrooms. As every PIF House has a wrap-around support model, in some of the houses one room will be occupied by the professional live-in carer.

In some PIF Houses – such as Melbourne City Mission’s ‘Frontyard’ which is crisis accommodation service – young people typically have a short stay (up to six months) while Melbourne City Mission works to find them a longer-term solution.

At other PIF Houses – such as PIF House Dundas – young people can stay for longer than a year, as the program offered from the house allows them to get their lives back on track, get into education or commence work.

For young people that are homeless, all types of accommodation are needed to help them stabilise and thrive.

Here at PIF, we love sharing with you the impact that your support of PIF is having. What’s really exciting is that as the PIF House Program grows, the number of young people who we help increases.

This year, we have over 40 bedrooms in the pipeline – including our first house in Brisbane. Because our focus is on the built infrastructure, the impact on youth homelessness we have is deep and long-lasting. Next year the number of young people in PIF Houses will be close to 300, as those new bedrooms get built. In addition, we will be able to show you the cumulative numbers of young people we are helping. Exciting stuff!