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A Charity Pledge Night for the ages!

The Property Industry Charity Pledge Night was a fantastic night to raise funds for homeless youth in a new and exciting way for the Property Industry Foundation. With the help of The Funding Network, this live-streamed pledge night gathered over 200 of the industries best and brightest to reconnect over some inspiring stories from the charity partners the Property Industry Foundation is building PIF Homes with.

Our pixelated presenters

Jason Juretic
Stepping Stone House

Melissa Poulier
Act For Kids

Simon Benjamin
Lighthouse Foundation

It was a steady balance between collective amazement at the work being done by the likes of Stepping Stone House, Act For Kids and Lighthouse Foundation and frantic support with our industry taking charge and putting forward their support with pledges of not only financial support but in-kind services for PIF House projects to come.

We also had virtual visits throughout the night by The TEN Women and former Stepping Stone House member Shen who gave inspiring words on just how important a home can be for someone in need.

Ruth Wilson From The TEN Women


At the end of the night, the industries ability to come together in a virtual gathering with the same heart and connection as if we were all in a room together raised over $310,000 in pledges for Housing projects for three charities across three states.

We have often stressed through this year to find ways to remain together whilst being apart in these socially distant times. Through the resourcefulness of our great supporters not only have we remained together, but we have managed to take a virtual night and create a tangible impact in the lives of homeless youth by bringing together the resources and support needed fresh start.