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ANZ stay connected and give back with a virtual morning tea

We got in touch with Jake Sgarbossa from ANZ recently to check in on their great efforts to remain connected while keeping their cause-related focus alive through their recent virtual morning tea for Hard Hat to raise funds to help build homes for homeless youth.

What was your motivation for organising a Hard Hat event?

For the last two years, ANZ has participated in the Property Industry Foundation’s Hard Hat Campaign. This year has presented many challenges for all, however, we didn’t want COVID and the lockdown to prevent us from raising funds and taking part in this great initiative.

How did your event bring the office together?

Our team have been working from home for quite a number of months now. In order for everyone to participate, we allowed a few minutes per person and went around the group checking in and seeing how everyone was doing. We also wanted to find out if anyone has learnt any new skills/ or done any activities they ordinarily wouldn’t have done so prior to lockdown.

How many people took part?

26 ANZ staff members from the Victorian Property Team took part in our virtual morning tea.

Why do you feel it is important to and bring the workplace together?

It’s particularly more important than ever to keep connected and check in on friends, family, and colleagues. It was a great way to bring everyone together for a great cause, raise funds, and to check in our work colleagues.

How has youth homelessness impacted you and your team?

Myself in particular have become greatly aware to youth homelessness & the alarming statistics. Now more than ever we need to come together and help where we can by supporting PIF and the incredible work that they do in helping to tackle this important issue through increasing the availability of transitional housing for homeless youth, by the various initiatives and campaigns such as Hard Hat Day.

What makes gatherings like the one Jake and the ANZ team took part in so fantastic is not only did they find a way to come together to connect for a cause, they used the opportunity to really tackle the mental state of their team giving each a window to openly address how they are coping in this unpredictable time.

A very fitting approach to an event held to help homeless youth as mental health can play a large role in creating situations that lead to homelessness. From depression, psychological abuse or even substance abuse, creating a space where it’s normal to address your mental health and build each other up sets a great example of making the most of a tough situation for the better of each other and ultimately youth in need.