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Art pieces from talented Architectus staff have raised an amazing $8,500 for homeless youth at their annual Archi-Auction.

Showing off their creative flair, original art items from Architectus staff were circulated in a catalogue and auctioned off to raise funds for the Property Industry Foundation. “In 2020, we began a longstanding collaboration as a national donor to the Foundation, supporting their valuable work to help disadvantaged youth,” says Sunny Micallef, Graduate Designer. “As part of this, the REACH committee, our program for young professionals, pioneered the Archi-Auction. The auction invites our talented staff to explore their creative side by donating art in varying forms. These items are auctioned off nationally, with all proceeds going to the Property Industry Foundation. This has now become a much-anticipated annual event for the practice.”

This year’s Archi-Auction was a resounding success. “Our goal was to exceed what was raised in 2023, and our staff really raised the bar with donations on beautiful pieces, ranging from paintings to ceramics to crochet,” says Sunny. “The collective efforts from our team allowed us to achieve this goal with flying colours and 2024 was our most successful year yet. Collectively we raised $8,500. Every year we are increasing the amount of money raised and we look forward to continuing this pattern and raising even more next year.”

The REACH Archi-Auction was also an opportunity to raise awareness about The Haven Project and ongoing Foundation building projects in Victoria, like Haven House South-East Melbourne, an extension for a home for the Young Women’s Freedom Project, run by The Lighthouse Foundation.

“It was great to have the Property Industry Foundation’s NSW Corporate Partnerships Manager Jess Pollard in attendance to reiterate the organisation’s mission and how we as an industry can continue to contribute to their efforts,” says Sunny. “The REACH Archi-Auction is one of the team’s favourite events during the year and we are driven to continue this tradition and raise even more for a great cause.”