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A true asset for homeless youth these holidays

Assetlink is supporting causes during a tough year with hopes of stimulating their communities and building a brighter 2021. One of the ways they’re looking to achieve this is by making donations to this year’s Property Industry Foundation Christmas Appeal in lieu of gifts to clients.

This support creates awareness of a problem faced by 44,000 young Australians needing a safe place to live in order to jumpstart their lives. A gift on behalf of clients brings your network with you on a cause, so it’s great to see Assetlink joining in on spreading the holiday spirit.

Assetlink has donated $2,000 this Christmas which will go towards providing study equipment for a young person in one of the rooms. Using the PIF House model to turn every $1 donated into $2 worth of value for youth who really need it, we will take these generous donations and invest it into the futures of young Australians going into 2021.

Thank you to Assetlink for the fantastic gesture! If you would like to contribute to this years Christmas Appeal, you can make a donation below.