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A team of efficient and enthusiastic Mirvac worker bees buzzed around the garden of the Salvation Army Youth Centre in Melbourne’s inner-city Collingwood this week, clearing the overgrown area for a redevelopment. “Mirvac’s team are the hardest workers in town,” says Rob Ellis, Salvation Army’s State Manager, Youth Services – Victoria | Tasmania. “Our objective was to get the physical space back to a blank slate, to enable us to work with the young people on the planning and design of the new garden and outdoor areas, and incorporate the office space into this design. The effort and enthusiasm from the Mirvac crew was extraordinary, we achieved well beyond my wildest imaginings.”

“This Workerbee created a strong team building atmosphere for our colleagues, that then gives back to the community in a positive way.”

– Andrew Borley, Mirvac

Mirvac volunteers pitched in by removing rubbish and debris and cutting back overgrowth and weeds. “The garden was very neglected and overgrown, however that didn’t stop the Mirvac team, who pushed hard to remove garden and hard waste from the area,” says Andrew Borley, Mirvac Senior Asset Manager. “A significant transformation which was reflected on with a well-earned and very refreshing pint after the effort. The Mirvac team love Community Day. It’s a win for the individuals, a win for team relationships, a win for Mirvac and clearly a huge win for the Salvation Army. We will be back next year!”

“It was a wonderful experience to see Mirvac’s joy and enthusiasm for this task. What a dynamic and transformative day.”

– Rob Ellis, Salvation Army

Funds that would have gone to paying contractors to do the work, can now be funnelled into a garden program that benefits young people, Salvos staff and the local community. “Numerous local residents passing by throughout the day expressed thanks and appreciation for getting the community garden going again,” says Rob. “The office space, due to open on 14 April will house L2P learner driver education, youth homelessness supports and youth drop in. We will base the garden activities around sensory and permaculture principles … care for the earth, care for each other and share our surplus. This will be a wonderful thriving hub for local young people and community, we also anticipate attracting volunteers and mentors for driver education through these connections.”

Interested in having your team participate in a Workerbee? Contact our state representatives here.