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This Christmas, CBRE has helped to give homeless youth a safe home by donating a total of $9,000 to our Christmas Appeal in lieu of gifts to clients. For each $1 that CBRE donated, we create $2 of value by building a safe and secure place through our PIF House Program. That means that CBRE’s donation creates a value of $18,000 in revenue to go towards a new PIF House, like the one in Dulwich Hill.

44,000[1] young Australians have no place to call home, which is the equivalent of the population of Port Macquarie or Albury. This figure is pre COVID-19, and since then, initial reports have shown that COVID-19 is exacerbating the drivers of family conflict and making it harder for services to provide support to children and young people already in crisis[2]. It is going to be a tough Christmas for a lot of young people.

We all know that having a place to call home is a source of stability. A home is a place of safety and routine and people who support and encourage you. With the support from CBRE this Christmas, the Property Industry Foundation will be able create a home for those young Australians in need – with care and support. We have built 74 bedrooms for homeless youth in the past 3 years, and our aim is to build 40 bedrooms in 2021. If you want to support the cause and give more homeless young people a place to call home during these turbulent times, donate to our Christmas Appeal before 31 December.

[1] Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2016

[2] Danielle Thornton, David Politanski, Joseph Borlagdan & Shelley Mallett: COVID-19 Insights Children and young people on the edge of care, out of home and alone. Research & Policy Centre, Brotherhood of St Laurence. July 2020.