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PIF's 30-Day Fitness Challenge

Vulnerable children and young people have faced huge challenges this year because of the impact of the lockdown and COVID-19. At PIF we want to get back to building homes for homeless youth and we want you to take up our Property Industry 30-Day Fitness Challenge where you ride, run or walk your way to an ultimate fitness goal – and help us help those that are less fortunate.

As well as helping young people, it’s also an opportunity to lose some of those lockdown love-handles, boost your mental well-being and bring your team together in a healthy outdoor activity after a topsy-turvy start to the year.

The Property Industry’s 30-Day Fitness Challenge is just the thing for you!

The Property Industry’s 30-Day Fitness Challenge (30DFC) is a ‘virtual fitness event’ which starts on Monday 20 July.

Virtual because of current crowd limitations. And because virtually – anything is possible.

You choose your own challenge: Walk, ride or run a distance of your choice over 30 days. You decide to go solo or put together a team. You download all the resources you need from and then you start walking, running or riding to glory!

There is zero cost to enter and lots of prizes to be won. All we ask is that you raise a minimum of $250 and to incentivize you, there will be some great prizes (to be announced) for those that are actively fundraising through their fitness journey.

All funds raised will go towards the PIF House Program. This is where PIF, in partnership with the property and construction industry builds homes for youth homelessness. We now have 97 bedrooms that have been built by PIF and we have 23 bedrooms currently in our pipeline that will provide safe and secure shelter for vulnerable youth.

We’ll bring the motivation. You just need to register and show up. 30 days. Get fit. Feel fab. And do good. Get fit and fight youth homelessness.

Thank you to our event sponsors