One-off donation

Whatever you can spare, we will see to it that it makes a tangible difference to a young person’s life.
A one-off donation is simple with our secure online donation form. Or if you’re old school, we still take cash cheques. See here for our postal address.

All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

Become a regular giver

A regular gift can make a massive difference to the life of a young person. Some people prefer to spread their donation over the course of a year, in line with their pay cycle.  

$10 / fortnight adds up pretty quickly to $520 per year. This can go towards:

  • Furniture for a PIF house 
  • Supplies for a PIF kitchen 
  • Skills training for the live-in carers 
  • Education essentials 
  • Counselling services 

If you’re in a position to give regularly, be assured we will put your money to good use. Make your selection to become a regular giver using our online donation form.  

All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

Consider us in your Will

Your legacy will be your kindness, empathy and compassion.

Every day, children as young as 12 years become homeless.

A gift in your Will, no matter whether small or large, will keep generations of homeless young Australians safe. You can still ensure your family and friends and other causes you care about are provided for.

Your donation will go towards building homes for homeless youth. It’s a solution which is tangible, enduring and will help many young people over many years.

Find out more about the PIF House Program. 

If you’d like to have a preliminary conversation or ask us any questions, you can speak with Maureen Collins by calling 1800 313 116 or emailing  

If you’ve already made your decision to include us in your Will – thank you. All you need to do is provide your solicitor or Trust Manager with our Australian Charity Number which varies depending on your preferred State: 

NSW          14948
VIC             11321
QLDCH      2331

Why Richard and Ceinwen left a bequest in their will

Ceinwen Kirk-Lennox and Richard Lennox spent their lives working in the property and construction industry.

“You work hard and have some luck along the way, and then you realise it’s time to give back,” said Ceinwen of a decision she made back in 1999 to get more involved in the work of the Property Industry Foundation.

“We want to leave a sustainable legacy, one that will ensure the longevity of the Property Industry Foundation – so that more young people can have a safe place to call home and learn the necessary skills to build independent lives.”

“Once you have looked after your own, we believe that anyone who has benefitted from a successful career within our industry – and any industry for that matter – should consider a gift in their Will.

Nothing is more important than having a home. Property Industry Foundation does that for young people. Our family feels a huge sense of pride in our decision to leave a bequest to the Property Industry Foundation.

Anyone who is in a position to do the same can feel that same sense of pride. It’s simple, make the decision and talk to your solicitor today.”

Contact us and learn more

If you have any questions about donations, please call Maureen Collins on 02 9241 6000 or email