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The GPT Group is gearing up for Pedal for Homeless Youth in Brisbane on 25 July as National Sponsor for the event.

Our fearless pedallers will tackle 20-minute stationary bike sprints at Queen Street Mall, to raise funds to house and support homeless youth. “With 9,593 young people in Queensland are homeless or without stable housing, Pedal for Homeless Youth is an event that shares a common goal with The GPT Foundation – to have a tangible and lasting impact on youth at risk and their futures,” says Angela Crossland, National Social Sustainability Manager.

Team GPT will be spinning their legs for a good cause on the day, with all funds raised going towards the Haven Project – taking homeless youth off the streets and giving them a new start in life. “The GPT Group is delighted to support this initiative for young people who need assistance, to help ensure they are empowered to make positive choices and build stronger, more resilient communities,” says Angela.

The GPT Group are also sponsoring Tour de PIF Sydney on 8 September and Tour de PIF Melbourne on 17 November and are long term supporters of the Foundation. “Every night across Australia more than 44,000 youths are homeless, and it is critical partnerships like this that are helping the Foundation with their mission to change the lives of at-risk youths,” says Angela. “We are incredibly proud to be supporting the Property Industry Foundation’s work, which currently includes five projects underway that will create 44 new bedrooms to be available for homeless young people, which contributes towards the Foundation’s target of 300 bedrooms available by 2025.”