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Mirvac raised an incredible $38K in last year’s Hard Hat campaign, and this year they are hoping to raise even more funds for homeless youth.

It’ll be tongs at the ready as Mirvac fires up barbecues around the country during the month of August, in support of building homes for at-risk young people. “Similar to last year, we will be hosting Hard Hat Day BBQs across multiple construction sites nationally,” says General Manager, Design Management & Construction, Jason Vieusseux. “Last year through our fundraising efforts we raised over $38,000 and we hope to exceed that amount in 2023.”  

With the Hard Hat campaign, it’s your organisation’s call how you raise funds, and activities can take place on a single day, week, month, or even an entire year. “Initiatives like this are important because they are designed to raise awareness and inspire action,” says Jason. “Plus, the great thing about Hard Hat is that it’s also a good way to unite teams towards a common goal.”

Mirvac hopes their efforts will inspire others in the property and construction industry to host a raffle, bake off or trivia night, helping to contribute to more Haven House Projects, providing welcoming homes and ongoing support programs to homeless youth. “It is confronting to think that approximately 44,000 young Australians do not have a safe and secure place to sleep,” says Jason.

“As a leading property developer, and in being part of the solution, we know we have a role to play in raising awareness of this very important issue, which is why we proudly support the Property Industry Foundation in this worthy cause.”