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A stable, safe and secure home can turn a life around. We meet some of the young people from our Haven Houses around Australia who have broken the cycle of homelessness and transitioned to study, work and independent living.

Young person came to Wesley Mission’s Kickstart when he was 17yrs because his foster carers were ageing and did not feel they could look after him long term. He had some concerning behaviours but there was no disability diagnosis and he was attending school. He complete Yr 12 with us and it was then when it became apparent that he did not have the skills to live independently. We undertook a number of assessments which enabled us to access NDIS support for him. With this support he was able to develop his skills and now lives independently and managing in shared accommodation in the private rental market with his NDIS support workers.

Another young person had been at Wesley Mission’s Kickstart with the house parents for 6 months and then moved to the more independent side of the program where she was supported by our lead tenants and her future planning consultant. During this time she completed school, enrolled into university and was working part time. She was doing well and was supported to move out with a friend to a private rental. They were doing well for a period of about a year, however due to the pressures of study, working and also COVID she had a number of mental health episodes that resulted in her being hospitalized. She has now moved back into the Kickstart house where she is receiving the support that she needs until she is ready to make the move to independent living once again. Many young people will leave home and return if things get too hard. It is wonderful that this young person had the relationship with her workers and was able to return “home” while she recovers.

One of our young people came to live at Kickstart as a result of being removed from her parents. She has been with the program for 18months and after an initial adjustment has settled in well. She is now completing Yr 11, working part time and developing her independent living skills. She is planning to attend university in 2023 and will have the opportunity to continue to live at Kickstart while she completes her studies. She has been supported by house parents until now. Early in 2022 we will transition her to a more independent program where she will be supported to further develop her skills by a lead tenant and our experienced staff.