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Haven Project Broadmeadows


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Jeavons and RORR Landscapes
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Act for Kids

Haven Project Broadmeadows will breath new life into a special space used by Act for Kids to help young people needing support due to poor living situations or life circumstances. Taking two old therapy rooms and a self-regulating garden and refreshing them for the young people who need the space to receive care in a quality space for their self-development. Broadmeadows offers Integrated therapy with a psychologist, occupational therapist and speech pathologist to children that have experienced or are at risk of child abuse and neglect. 

Key Suppliers & Supporters

  • Jeavons
  • Buildcorp

Refresh for Act for Kids Broadmeadows


“The new therapy rooms are a special place where children can overcome obstacles so that they can go on to lead happy lives which is why it means so much for our team.”

Doctor Katrina Lines, Act for Kids Chief Executive Officer

On 10 November, Property Industry Foundation is holding a very special morning tea in Broadmeadows, Victoria, to thank our partners at Buildcorp for their work in refreshing two therapy rooms at Act for Kids Broadmeadows – a Haven Project. The project is ongoing and will also include a beautiful sensory garden.

The centre offers integrated therapy with a psychologist, occupational therapist and speech pathologist for children that have experienced trauma as a result of neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Act for Kids has experienced a significant increase in demand for their services over the past three years, since the start of the pandemic.

Buildcorp was the main contractor on the project, with Heyngi project managing. “The main goals for the two therapy rooms were to provide a colourful activity and learning space for the children of Act for Kids to enjoy, engage and learn in, as well as a place to relax and feel safe,” says Buildcorp Contracts Manager, Rhys Moylan. “Buildcorp are genuinely thrilled to be part of a project that provides a space to support young people who are experiencing poor living situations or life circumstances. We feel privileged that we can contribute to providing spaces for young underprivileged children so they can enjoy and feel safe in the spaces offered by Act for Kids.”

Doctor Katrina Lines, Act for Kids Chief Executive Officer, is delighted by the renovation. “The new therapy rooms are an incredible addition to the Act for Kids Broadmeadows centre and will allow our team to support more children who have experienced trauma. The spectacular sensory room is full of exciting new features including a hanging swing, adaptable lighting and colourful foam to reduce noise, allowing children to have a full sensory experience. Sadly, children who have suffered trauma often struggle to move or control their bodies which is why sensory-motor experiences can support their healing.”

The next stage of the project will focus on an outdoor therapy space designed for connection. “The garden is the next stage of the project,” says Katrina. “That will offer children who have experienced trauma a safe and inclusive area outside to regulate their emotions and build connections with their therapist or family members.”

Act for Kids is looking forward to joining Buildcorp, their hardworking subbies and local community services to say thanks for a job well done. “We are so grateful for the support of Buildcorp and the team at the Property Industry Foundation for this project,” says Katrina. “Investing in our work and our therapy centres, where the magic happens, means we can continue to support children in-need in a positive and uplifting environment. Our team is thrilled to officially open the new spaces this November. The therapy spaces are already helping children to not only better regulate their emotions, but also ensure they can feel safe and happy while here with Act for Kids.”

The team at Buildcorp say projects like these are part of their company’s drive for greater social responsibility. “Buildcorp are very proud to donate our time and skills to this Haven Project for Act for Kids,” says Rhys. “Unfortunately, not everyone is given an easy start to life. The work the Property Industry Foundation are doing to support homeless and at-risk youth is of great value to not only those that receive their support directly but also their family, friends, and the wider community.”

Offical therapy room handover!


On 10 November, Property Industry Foundation held a special morning tea at Act for Kids Broadmeadows, in Victoria, to formally handover the renovation of two vibrant therapy rooms. The new spaces are designed to support the recovery of children who have experienced trauma.

In attendance was Angela Tieman, Act for Kids Clinical Service Manager and Occupational Therapist, who thanked the Property Industry Foundation and Buildcorp for their work in delivering the bright, fresh rooms, which feature new joinery, swing mounts, lighting, fresh flooring, paint and furniture.

Doctor Katrina Lines, Act for Kids Chief Executive Officer, is delighted by the renovation. “The new therapy rooms are an incredible addition to the Act for Kids Broadmeadows centre and will allow our team to support more children who have experienced trauma.”

Zoe Stanford, Buildcorp New Business Manager said they were genuinely thrilled to donate their time and skills to the project. “When Matt Walton initially asked if we would be interested in looking at this project for Act for Kids Broadmeadows it was a resounding ‘yes’ from us,” Zoe said. “The work that Act for Kids do for children that have experienced trauma is so important. The new therapy rooms will provide a colourful activity and learning space for children to engage, relax and feel safe. A space for them to overcome obstacles and go on to lead happy lives.”

Property Industry Foundation’s Wendy Brakey thanked Project Director Matt Walton and the Buildcorp team, including Contracts Manager Rhys Moylan, Site Manager Cale Nelson, Estimator Grant Kibbis and Project Managers Daniel Gregory and Jason Folino. Jason is the State Manager of Construction, Buildcorp Interiors, who authorised for the project to go ahead.

We couldn’t have completed the project without the pro-bono services of Hassell Architects, Ashleigh White,  Building Surveyor, Mohamed Zeyden of Singh Consulting, and Structural Engineers, Elliott Smith, Matter Consulting. Major fundraisers for this project included the Property Council Football Lunch and a golf day held by Gorman Allard Shelton.

“This is an incredible example of what the property and construction industry can do when it works together to provide for the most vulnerable in our society,” said Wendy. “Your professionalism and dedication to completing this very important project will have such a positive impact on the at-risk young people who will benefit from accessing this space though the services provided by Act for Kids.”

Great work everyone!

Sensory Garden


A new sensory garden at Haven Project Broadmeadows in Victoria will be used by children and their families in therapy sessions.

A sensory garden is the final stage of an extensive renovation of Act for Kids therapy centre in Broadmeadows. The centre offers integrated therapy with a psychologist, occupational therapist and speech pathologist to children and their families who have experienced trauma.

Matt Walton, Development Director at Home Apartments is the Project Director for the innovative outdoor space. “From swings to sandpits to tunnels, the garden provides numerous opportunities for the therapists to work with the children to maximise treatment outcomes,” says Matt. “Act for Kids is a fantastic organisation. The work they do provides tangible outcomes for those most in need. It will be an active and welcoming space that will support the needs of both the therapists and the children.”

The project has been expertly supported by our industry partners. “Jeavons Landscape Architects have been intrinsic to the success of this project,” says Matt. “Mary Jeavons and her team have done a fantastic job leading the design for this project. Richard Orr from RORR Landscapes has also been great to work with and turned the project vision into reality.”

Act for Kids Occupational Therapist Angela Tieman is looking forward to seeing children and their families explore and find peace in the regulating garden. “Our regulating garden provides opportunities for sensory experiences which help children and parents to feel safe and connected. We have created spaces that soothe and comfort, uplift, energize, enable meditation, reflection, and connection with others.”

Among the special features is a rock-climbing wall. “Children who experience neglect, have missed out on movement experiences that help them to build motor skills, strength, and confidence. Climbing also helps children move from survival mode (fight or flight) into a calmer state.” A double porch swing provides a variety of therapeutic benefits. “To promote connection and regulation, a parent and child may sit side by side during gentle swinging. Or the child and parent may engage in a game of throw and catch, with the child standing in front of the swing while the parent enjoys gentle linear movement.”

The sensory garden will extend beyond therapy sessions. “Our regulating garden will be used to promote sensory health and wellbeing for not only our children and families but also our staff,” says Angela. “The space will be used for both individual, dyadic (parent and child) and group sessions and provide a beautiful outdoor environment for staff to enjoy breaks and team meetings.”

Mufasa’s Story

Act for Kids OT Angela Tieman share’s Mufasa’s story of how sensory therapy is helping him to heal from family violence at the Broadmeadows therapy centre.

 “Mufasa is eight years old and has witnessed significant family violence from a young age. Due to his traumatic experiences, Mufasa missed out on crucial sensory-motor experiences, resulting in difficulties with gross motor skills, sensitivities to movement and touch and difficulties with regulating his emotions. To address Mufasa’s sensory sensitivities and motor delays, he has participated in an evidenced-based intervention called Ayres Sensory Integration, or ASI, in our purpose-built sensory space. This intervention involved engaging in purposeful activities that stimulated his senses, such as swinging, jumping, and tactile exploration. By gradually exposing him to sensory input and providing a challenge that was ‘just-right,’ Mufasa’s nervous system has become more regulated, allowing him to confidently engage in sensory-motor activities. These positive outcomes have led to remarkable progress in Mufasa’s balance and coordination, enabling him to actively engage in physical education classes at school, enjoy a broader range of playground equipment, and enthusiastically join his brother in jumping games on their home trampoline. Before starting therapy, Mufasa faced limitations that prevented him from participating in any of these activities.”