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Daryl Browning is stepping down from the National Board

Daryl Browning is continuing to make big changes in his life this year. Following on from stepping down from CEO of ISPT after 17 years, Daryl is now stepping down from the Property Industry Foundation’s National Board. Thankfully, Daryl is staying on our Victorian Board of Advisors for a bit longer.

Daryl has been involved with the Foundation for over 10 years, spearheading the setup of workplace giving to the Foundation at ISPT and establishing our Risk Management Committee with Murray Coleman OAM from the Macquarie Group.  We asked Daryl about his work with the Foundation.

Why did you initially decide to support the Property Industry Foundation?

A very persuasive Barry Brakey suggested it was a good cause.

Why is giving back important to you personally?

I have been lucky enough to work in a well-rewarded industry that benefits from community windfalls so it makes sense to try to improve the life of those in need.

Girl- worried-hand on shoulder

Please tell us your roles at the Foundation and the years those positions were held?

I was a National Board member for the last eight years and the Victorian Board of Advisors (VIC BOA) for 10.

What did you want to bring to the Foundation in terms of your skills and connections?

The support of the ISPT team and our portfolio, my network of contacts built over 30 years and raise a few dollars but most of all have a bit of fun with great people.

How do you feel stepping down from the National Board and reflecting on your continuing contribution to the Foundation?

It is always good to refresh the teams and pass the baton to those who can input for as long as they can.

Are there any special people you would like to mention who you worked with closely at the Foundation and who you will miss?

In no particular order and almost too many to mention but the staff of all the offices, Rosemary Smithson and Kate Mills, Barry and Wendy Brakey, fellow VIC BOA members and my National Board colleagues well led by Bob Johnston and now Penny Ransom.

Tell us some of your highlights from over the years?

I always like seeing the houses built but am also impressed by the work of the street counsellors making timely interventions that change lives. There are so many good causes! A country as wealthy as ours should be able to do better.

Which event, project or initiative is closest to your heart?

I always liked the winter beanies program and of course the cycling events.

How have you seen the Foundation grow and develop over the years?

It has grown and matured a lot to maintain relevance and unite the industry for a good cause. Great to see the support of industry bodies such as Property Council, UDIA, Australian Property Institute. We can do much more together.

What do you think is the Foundation's future and why is it important for us to continue our work and mission for homeless youth?

It has to remain focussed and continue to engage the industry on giving back, uniquely by both dollars and our almost unlimited expertise from the many great people in the sector.

What is next for you?

A nice family holiday and then see what happens.

Anything else you'd like to mention?

Please continue to support the good work of the Property Industry Foundation. Every little bit helps change a life.