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Murri Watch Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Corporation (Murri Watch) officially opened a new kitchen in their community centre on Wednesday 2 August at a special community celebration alongside Gabba Ward Councillor Trina Massey.

A vital initiative aimed at supporting individuals and families facing hardship, the 30-year-old kitchen has been refurbished by ADCO Constructions to serve as a hub for Murri Watch clients.

“As the cost of living continues to soar and affordable housing declines, many community members find themselves facing difficult choices daily,” said Salvatore Guardala, Chair Property Industry Foundation QLD Board of Advisors.

“This kitchen is more than just a place to prepare meals; it’s a symbol of hope and compassion and represents the unwavering support of our generous donors, ADCO Constructions, and dedicated volunteers.”

Basic necessities such as food and housing have become a challenge for many, so the Property Industry Foundation and its corporate donors are exceptionally proud to support projects like the Murri Watch kitchen.

“Together we can alleviate the burdens of the rising cost of living and foster a community that leaves no one behind.”

Murri Watch CEO Ken Georgetown said the Murri Watch centre is a diversion centre – a sanctuary, which offers a safe and nurturing space to more than 70 clients each week.

“Thank you to ADCO Constructions and the Property Industry Foundation for their support in refurbishing the Centre’s very old kitchen, allowing our team to prepare nutritious meals to our clients in need,” Mr Georgetown said.

ADCO Constructions Interim Queensland State Manager Mike Rinaudo said ADCO Constructions is delighted to have teamed up with long-term partner the Property Industry Foundation and Murri Watch to deliver this well-deserved project for the community.

“Delivered as part of our annual ADCO Community Day and underpinned by the Brinsmead Hill Family Foundation, our people step away from their work and spend the day giving back to communities in which we live and work,” Mr Rinaudo said.

“We are thrilled to see the benefits this project will provide to those in need thanks to the hard work of the Murri Watch Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Corporation.”