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Exciting progress as finished contracts and permits build momentum for this six-bedroom modular home.

Exciting steps have been made on the Haven House Shepparton (The Nest) in regional Victoria, with contracts signed with our appointed building partner, Modular Spaces and a building permit about to be issued. We expect very rapid progress in the coming months with in-factory construction underway on these innovative modular homes designed by Schored Projects. Volunteers have undertaken preliminary landscaping and on site works will also commence very soon in preparation for the modules to be delivered in the middle of the year.

The Nest is a partnership between the Property Industry Foundation, Women’s Property Initiatives and The Bridge Youth Services to build three modular 2-bedroom homes where young mums (up to 25 years old) can live independently with their child or children. These young mums can live in the homes for up to five years supported by The Bridge Youth Services. The homes will be build on land owned by TBYS and leased to WPI. TBYS will provide the essential wraparound support for these young women and their children. As well as providing stability, support and safety, these homes will enable these young women to establish a rental history to help them with future access in the private rental market.

The Property Industry Foundation, committed to alleviating youth homelessness, will fund a large part of the construction supported by The Danks Trust, ISPT, Mercy Foundation, Homes for Homes, and The Flora & Frank Leith Trust. WPI  has received generous  funding for the project from The Felton Bequest, The Wood Foundation and the Jack and Ethel Goldin Foundation.

“The Property Industry Foundation is thrilled to see The Nest in Shepparton making significant progress, with the official signing of Building Partner, Modular Spaces. These three, 2-bedroom modern homes will provide a safe haven for at-risk or homeless young mums in the region to rebuild their lives, access support programs, find work and education programs, and move into the private rental market. Thanks to our generous donors Danks Trust, ISPT, Mercy Foundation, Homes for Homes and The Flora & Frank Leith Trust.”

Priscilla Heathwood, Property Industry Foundation State Manager, VIC