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Spotlighting the fantastic charity support of Rob Zeidaks

Rob Zeidaks is one of the Property Industry Foundations’s outgoing partners. Chair of the Future Leaders Committee and Member of the Board of Advisors, Rob brings his experience as Associate Director, Real Estate Advisory at PwC to the table in ways that truly help the Foundation do good.

Having been involved with the Foundation for over six years, Rob is an advocate in seeing the strong value industry support brings to housing for homeless youth.

“The Property Industry Foundation makes a direct, tangible impact on people’s lives and I wanted to be a part of that.”

“Who else, better than property and construction professionals is there, to build for homeless youth?”

Rob in his six plus years has a deeper perspective on the many forms of homelessness that are impacting young Australians. Appreciating that understanding the signs can help us as Australians understand the problem.

“Sleeping rough (on the streets) forms only a small proportion of homelessness, which is broader and may be less visible. Homelessness can include car sleeping, boarding houses, couch surfing, inappropriate or overcrowded accommodation.”

“These broader issues need education and support, as well as those sleeping rough.”

Rob has also been impacted by the Foundation on a social level, becoming a sailing enthusiast after volunteering at the Property Industry Foundation Charity Regatta.

“After that day I joined the Property Industry Foundation committee and started sailing, becoming a sailing member at RMYS shortly after.”

Over the next six years, Rob had a huge impact. He drove the structure and purpose of the Future Leaders committees across the whole of the organisation, as he championed the creation of a Chartera new name – Future Leaders, as well as an environment where ideas and innovation could thrive. Some of the recent initiatives that came out of the VIC Future Leaders are the Property Industry’s Furniture Fund and Coffee Roulette.  

A highlight for Rob was the organisation of workerbee for Whitelion Youth Agency last year. It was a case of being the right person in the right place as a work colleague reached out to let him know that Whitelion were need of help. The committee responded and got stuck in to relocate the Agency to a new head office. It was the first workerbee since the COVID-19 outbreak. 

“Rob has been a vital member of the Future Leaders group for over six years and Chair of the Committee for over three years and we thank Rob for all the time, energy and leadership driving initiatives, events and campaigns over the years,” said Priscilla Heathwood, Head of Fundraising – VIC, Property Industry Foundation.

“Not only are we the best people and industry to build homes for homeless youth, but we do it through a unique funding model. The PIF House Program take every $1 invested and matches it with $1 of in-kind donations from the property and construction industry. We deliver $2 worth of value. It is a win-win situation.”