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The Property Industry Foundation welcomes leading interior design company PTID as our new national donor. “PTID has offices in Sydney and Melbourne’s CBD, where we see firsthand the struggle of many young people in our local communities,” says Courtney Gonzalvez, PTID Associate. “We have been aware of the issues that the Property Industry Foundation highlights and supports for several years via our industry partners. At PTID we value humanity and equity. We are actively engaged within our industry and design education and are looking to enhance our contribution to broader social enterprises.”

PTID have been actively involved in supporting the Foundation for some time, including fundraising, participating in the Tour de PIF and attending industry networking events – but they are excited by the possibilities of a deeper connection to the issue of youth homelessness. “We are excited to connect with our community in different ways than we are used to,” says Courtney. “The Foundation brings together a community of like-minded people and encourages connection, opportunity, and engagement. The alignment of these elements has led to our decision to work more closely with the Property Industry Foundation. We look forward to many more activities and events where we can help to make a difference and get to know the team and other corporate partners who are the force behind the success of the Property Industry Foundation.”

“With 44,000 homeless Australians under 25 not having a safe place to sleep each night, youth homelessness is a significant social issue that Australia cannot ignore.”

Courtney Gonzalvez, PTID

On the radar for PTID is engaging in ‘Make a House a Home’ – putting the finishing touches on our Haven House builds, as well as hands-on Workerbee activities for their staff. “These activities provide an opportunity for the team to contribute and engage with the cause in a practical and meaningful way.”

PTID provides leading research, strategy, design, and delivery, to a range of organisations across workplace, education, regeneration, experience, retail, industrial and wellbeing.