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Unispace is back on board the party boat, coming on as our official After Party Sponsor for the Brisbane Charity Regatta.

Unispace will keep the party firing at the Property Industry Foundation’s Brisbane Charity Regatta as our official After Party sponsor.

This year’s Charity Regatta will take place on 19 May at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, with a back-up date of 9 June in the event of stormy seas. Tickets for Corporate Yachts and Solo Sailors are now available if you’d like to join us for a relaxed, nautical day out.

We asked the Unispace team why they value their ongoing partnership with the Property Industry Foundation and how face-to-face events like the Charity Regatta are invaluable for building industry connections.

“Our Brisbane team are looking forward to the Charity Regatta yacht race and networking with like-minded industry peers, all while raising much needed funds for the Haven Project and bringing the industry together to make a difference for youth experiencing homelessness.”


Why is it important for Unispace to support our Brisbane Charity Regatta?

It’s been an been an eye-opening experience learning that over 44,000 young Australians experience homelessness. We’ve always placed importance on the work we do having a positive impact on the local community, so the Property Industry Foundation has been a natural fit for us. Being involved with the Brisbane Charity Regatta gives us the opportunity to contribute to a tangible outcome, which is testament to the property and construction community coming together to make a real difference.

How does the Charity Regatta foster new industry connections?  

There’s no denying that these types of face-to-face events are invaluable for building connections and fostering relationships with our peers in the property and construction industry. The vibe is always fun and positive, making it the perfect atmosphere to get to know new faces and catch up with existing connections. Plus, the ability to do so while supporting an important cause, like youth homelessness, is even better.

How does Unispace’s team come together to engage in our events?

 Our people are at the core of the Unispace business. Providing our team with the opportunity to leverage their skill-sets to have a positive impact in the community and take part in Foundation events and projects is important.

Our team enjoy supporting the Property Industry Foundation, whether it’s on our worksites, in our studios or on the water, they value how these initiatives contribute to a tangible goal and make a difference for youth homelessness. Over the last couple of years, Unispace has taken part in various Foundation initiatives across Australia, like Hard Hat Day, SleepOut’s, Tour De PIF, the Charity Regattas, and the Sydney Girls and Boys Brigade project.

Why is it important for the industry as a collective to support building homes for Australia’s homeless youth?

It’s startling to know that 1 in 3 young Australians are turned away from accommodation every night across the nation. Collectively, our industry has the skills and knowledge to build accommodation to reduce this figure. Giving back to the communities in which we operate and using our capabilities for the better of our society is an imperative of all businesses. The Foundation makes it easy for us to make a real difference through projects to address youth homelessness and take young Australians off the streets, allowing them to rebuild their lives.

What Foundation events or projects are Unispace looking forward to in 2023? 

Most recently, we’re proud to have been involved in the Sydney Girls and Boys Brigade project, which was very recently completed. We’re looking forward to sharing the end result of this finished project with our team and network to encourage more involvement in Property industry Foundation initiatives. There will certainly be more Foundation initiatives we’ll be getting behind in 2023 and beyond as well.