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PIF Champion

Lynelle Matthews

What is your involvement with (or role at) PIF?

How long have you been involved with PIF?
6 years

With so many charities to support, why PIF?
Having worked front line with our homeless in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane for nine years, one of the highest populations of homeless Australia wide, I saw the hopelessness and helplessness of their lives and knew I had to do more. When I was asked to volunteer with PIF it was without doubt I plunged in thinking if I can save just one child then my job is done. PIF has far exceeded my expectations and what they do for our children who have no voice is amazing.

What have you learned about homelessness since working with PIF?
PIF has taught me to try to give our children a voice. To try and make people aware how and why the tragedies in their lives can lead them to be on the street. After all I doubt an 8 year old child is asked what do you want to be and they answer a homeless person. Hard to believe but there are children out there in that position.

What do you think other people should know about PIF?
PIF fills a massive gap in that there is an absolute huge shortage of places for these children to go to and feel safe. The buildings in particular that they can call home changes the outcome of their lives without any doubt. The thing I love most is they are a very streamline organization with no massive staff costs. They are passionate about their goals and I feel honored to be a part of PIF!

What’s one thing that not a lot of people know about you? 
I could have been one of our homeless children but just by a slight of hand I was lucky enough to have a mother who made things appear such as food. We had nothing but everything, a roof over our head and most importantly love.


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