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PIF’s Coffee Roulette

sticking together while we have to stay apart

Sign up to PIF’s Coffee Roulette to connect with like-minded people in the property industry over coffee.

Working from home has created an environment that has changed how businesses and people stay connected. There is no one answer in finding how to balance work/life in this time, but it is always important to take a break and share experiences with other like-minded people.

That’s why PIF’s Coffee Roulette is now running in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. If you are looking for a way to stay connected or to keep networking, then keep reading and sign up!

What is Coffee Roulette?
Coffee Roulette is a quick and easy professional match making service, connecting future leaders with like-minded professionals from the property and construction industry, to exchange experiences and learn new things about others over a relaxing coffee.

You sign up with PIF and we connect you each month with someone in the property industry to connect with over coffee.

Restrictions are gradually easing for social gatherings and while connecting would useually take the form of an office or café meet up, in this new environment creates connecting opportunities online using our handy 3-step guide below.

  • Have a coffee over a voice or video call
  • Set a time to message over the phone or a chat software
  • Connect through an apps like Houseparty or Snapchat

Take the opportunity to get a fresh perspective, meet new people and learn new things and keep social whilst being distant.


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