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Staying together while remaining apart for our Melbourne industry professionals

PIF’s Coffee Roulette has become a space for people to remain connected with the property and construction industry on a professional and personal level during these past few months. Asset Manager for Mirvac Ryan Allport recently reflected on his experience with Coffee Roulette and his ability to nurture relationships in times were the way we stay connected is changing.

“Staying connected and networking can be tough even in normal times, but today’s remote world adds a whole new set of challenges. It may have started as a bit of a novelty but working from home for long periods can start to feel isolating from co-workers and the wider property industry, both socially and professionally.

I have been part of the PIF coffee roulette program since August 2019 and the program makes networking so easy (either over a coffee or virtually). Not only have I received unexpected pairings from future leaders to senior executives, the meetings often spark unexpected conversations and ongoing networking opportunities.

Last month I was fortunate to be paired with John Marasco, Managing Director of Capital Markets & Investment Services at Colliers. Having the opportunity to connect with John was valuable and provided a great opportunity to meet informally. It’s always easy finding common interests professionally and personally, but to make impactful connections, I always try to share my knowledge and experiences to make sure we both benefit from the connection.”