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Team building opportunities at PIF houses?

PIF builds houses for homeless youth – but we want you to help us make them into a home. Partly that’s about putting together the furniture, furnishings and decorations, but it’s also about the care that goes into bringing these elements together. It’s about making a place feel warm and liveable. We want the incoming residents of our houses to feel welcome and comfortable. So ultimately, this is a space they can start to make their own.

That’s where you and your workmates come in!

The houses

We have two six-bedroom houses, one in Sydney and the other in Melbourne, both of which are due for completion this year.

What you’ll be doing

Your team will assemble furniture and put the finishing touches on a bedroom, with soft furnishings, artwork and other accessories.

Your day includes an informal session with the charity that will be running the home and providing support for the residents. They will share stories from the coalface and give you some insights around the difference you are helping to make in participating in this extraordinary experience.

Your day also includes a catered lunch, recognition of your company by way of a glass plaque in the room, and naturally – for the competitive amongst you, an award for the best-dressed room and most enthusiastic team.

Book your corporate team building day today

We do ask for a contribution towards cost of materials on the day. We know that you are providing free labour and we appreciate it, but we also need the goods and also often we need a skilled worker in a supervisory capacity.

The contribution to “make a house a home” is $5,000 per bedroom. As there is a limit on the number of rooms, rooms will be allocated on a ‘first in, first served’ basis.

To find out more, please contact Maureen Collins, National Head of Fundraising or Claudia Ferrari, Head of Corporate Partnerships

Our partners

  • PIF House Parkview in Sydney is being built by Rawson Homes and fully funded by Parkview. The house is being built for KARI which focuses on indigenous youth.
  • PIF House Clayton is being built by Frasers for the Lighthouse Foundation. ANZ and ISPT have both generously donated $50,000 each to this project.

We are very grateful for the contribution from our amazing supporters. Without them, we would not be able to do what we do: provide safe homes for at-risk young people.