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Teaming up to smash goals

The 30-Day Fitness Challenge is an industry-wide fitness bonanza where we can all find exciting and new ways to get fit for homeless youth. We have seen some great team fitness ideas and some fantastic fundraising initiatives.

Click below to see some of our top teams!



ADCO faces

The ADCO team are on a championship trajectory with what can be described as a small fitness army of over 100 team members. This is truly an indication of a work culture getting behind the cause. The Foundation has spoken with many ADCO team members who are keeping tabs on their riding or their walking, and asking if certain distances went in to make sure they are keeping active and “holding themselves accountable” (a confirmation made by many of the ADCO team).

It is truly wonderful to see the level of dedication for something that will change many young lives. This may be the reason behind their potential to win 2 years in a row.

Raised $25,989

Their Goal $50,000



man with glasses
Women- GPT

GPT is the “Greatest PiF Team” (we see what you did there). They have been in the top 5 team fundraisers (currently 2nd at $18,946) throughout the 30 days so it’s hard not to agree with their greatness. With an active team standing 32 members strong, they are on their bikes, stomping the pavement or finding outside the box ways to better their health and young lives.

Raised $18,946

Their Goal $30,000



If I could describe the Taylor team in 2 words it would be ‘driven completionists’. Proving very much that size doesn’t matter with a team of 3. This Taylor trinity is really about fitness and fundraising, with each member putting kms in their tallies and numbers on the board. It’s now more a question of which of the three will help get those last few donation to hit their fundraising goal.

Smiling women
man black jacket
Smiling man

Raised $11,583

Their Goal $15,000



Championed by fundraising leader Vanessa Borg, the MPA team have firmly held their place in the top 5 teams. Their high social presence is returning a large scale amount of donations for the team. They have their sights set on raising that last 3rd to hit their target!

Raised $10,727

Their Goal $15,000

Support MPA



The Parkview team is a company-wide initiative with several Parkview offices coming together as one powerhouse to get fit as a company. Lead by top 5 fundraiser Simon Gobbo, Parkview is all about collaborating for the common cause both within the organisation and with industry peers.

Raised $6,349

Their Goal $10,000

Support Parkview

But it goes beyond leading the pack. The 30-Day Fitness Challenge is a way we can all have a healthier outlook for our minds, bodies and the issue of youth homelessness.

Diadem for instance, take Foundation run events as beacons to get active for a youth homelessness problem that stares them in the face every day.

“Last year, the Diadem team supported the Property Industry Foundation by getting involved in several initiatives throughout the year. Diadem also ran their own initiative by participating in the Moomba Birdman Rally with all money raised given directly to PIF. Dominic Russo, Diadem’s chief executive officer and Adrian Calleri, Diadem’s co-founder and director, are keen supporters of this incredible organisation. To date, the Diadem team has raised thousands and will continue to support future initiatives of the Property Industry Foundation.”

“At Diadem we have a very strong purpose-led culture. We are open, driven and genuine, but above all, we take our leadership position seriously. We empower our people to share, explore, challenge and lead. The Property Industry Foundation’s fitness initiatives provide us with the opportunity to get fit, build our team morale, all whilst raising funds for a worthy cause. A huge thank you to the team at the Property Industry Foundation for organising such fantastic initiatives,” says Calleri.

Other teams like Design & Build are enjoying the opportunity to get the staff out and active. Vaughan Constructions is having a mixed bag of casual and serious fitness levels. Sheeth is turning their amazing energy towards smashing their fundraising goal. All these great team initiatives make the 30-Day Fitness Challenge so special.

With only days to go, it all comes down to that extra fuel you have left in the tank to finish strong. Let people know your journey has days left, set a time to get those last kms, ask your company about donation matching opportunities to help you reach your goals faster and motivate each other as your amazing activity this month all adds up.