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Bright future leaders in Queensland

The Queensland Future Leaders committee is looking bright indeed, with 17 current members on the Committee, the chair role is currently shared between two members to manage the flow of ideas and new-age thinking.

Who are these chairpeople?

Maddy Sharp-Doepel

  • After starting my property career in Project marketing I completed my bachelors in Real Estate and Development
  • Currently, working as development manager within the Destination Gold Coast Consortium
  • Working with DGCC to deliver a $1.5 billion mixed-use redevelopment of Broadbeach Island on the Gold Coast

Josh Clarke

  • Project Manager for Spyre Group
  • Developing high-end luxury residential units
  • Worked in the construction and development industry for 10 years.
QLF PIF Regatta

Both Maddy & Josh are proactive industry members always building on their knowledge and experiences with roles they find rewarding to be a part of.

“It is extremely satisfying when something that starts as a drawing on a plan turns into homes that people love to live in.” Josh

“Property is a profession and a passion for me. I can’t go past the variety that property industry provides, not to mention the perfect balance of creativity, commercial and social elements.” Maddy

Both have been involved with the Property Industry Foundation for over two years, the both of them along with the whole QLD Future leaders Committee take part in Foundation events throughout the year from Regattas to Sleep Outs to help spread awareness and raise funds for youth in need.

“I’ve always looked forward to and enjoy the sleep out. I feel it’s a great way to actually get a feel for what children have to go through and is the most sobering of experiences. The story’s I’ve heard from kids that need our support really puts life into perspective and reminds me how important what we are doing is.”

“I also like to support PIF because I know any money I raise or work I put in will end up supporting the people who deserve it most. PIF does so much hard work vetting charities to ensure the money gets to as many children as possible.”

When speaking about the future direction for the Future leaders, the team had a great outlook on maximising the committee’s impact. “Focussed on continuing to support the BOA committee and ensure events are fun, efficient and most importantly, raise a lot of money for the people who need it most”. The team strives to keep energy and efficiency high to keep great results and even greater experiences a part of Queensland’s Foundation activity.

QLD PIF regatta

“You don’t need to be on the PIF committee or donating large sums of money to make a difference. Most people can’t believe the stats around child homelessness and when they do know are happy to help where they can. Everyone can make a difference by talking about PIF and child homelessness and offering their support in any way they can, big or small.”