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After many years of service, we farewell Susan Mercer and Greg Clarke from our Queensland Board of Advisors and thank them for their commitment to supporting the Foundation and building homes for vulnerable young people.

Susan Mercer
Business Development Manager ADCO
Years served on the Board of Advisors: 6.5

Why did you initially decide to support the Foundation?

To join like-minded property industry professionals and engage with my industry connections to help make a tangible difference to youth homelessness. It’s an opportunity to feel like as a community, we’ve come together to help others less fortunate than us. It shows the value of teamwork, as we can’t do this alone.

Tell us about your board roles?

In my early years on the board, I assisted Greg (alongside other BoA members) in organising the Charity Regatta. For the last five years, I have been focussed on leading the BMT (Build More Team) and coordinating projects. One of these involved extensive liaison with State Government and a team of design consultants to achieve a DA for a major housing project. Another was working with a builder, funding partner and team of design consultants to create a child therapy centre at Morayfield (the “Moreton Centre” for Act For Kids) and another was a kitchen refurbishment which was achieved via the ADCO Community Day (for Murri Watch).  We can never forget the amazing team effort from our industry colleagues in bringing these projects to fruition.

What did you want to bring to the foundation?

I wanted to bring together the teamwork and skills of my connections in the property industry, because as a whole, we could achieve a great outcome and a tangible difference – we built projects which create a home for youth, who have previously slept on the street. When you think about children you’re close to, potentially spending the night on the street, it’s not hard to want to contribute to building them a safe, clean home.

Tell us some of your highlights from over the years?

Successful events are always heartwarming.  From our first Charity Regatta to now, it’s grown so much and become an industry favourite – well done to the organising committee who have continued to plan this event. Achieving DA on a couple of projects – major celebration! Attending the official opening of a project, where I know young people will be so grateful it exists – it brings both goosebumps and tears of happiness to my eyes.

How have you seen the Foundation grow and develop over the years?

The Property Industry Foundation has grown substantially in its brand recognition amongst the industry, which is a testament to the team. We have heard many stories of success from our charity partners where we see the tangible difference the Foundation has made to someone’s life. Again, this is a team effort. For every one youth where we have helped contribute to a better life for them, it makes it all worthwhile.

Are there any special people you would like to mention?

The ladies who run the Foundation here in Queensland work tirelessly to bring this all together. So much work happens behind the scenes to ensure the Foundation achieves great outcomes. To all the design consultants, project managers and builders we have connected with along the way (too many to mention personally), I say a big THANK YOU – it is their efforts on these projects that help bring it all together.  And to all my fellow BoA members, both past and current – I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside them all, in one way or another. I will absolutely miss working with them and seeing them all regularly – we have had a lot of fun along the way. I hope to stay connected to the BoA and to the Foundation into the future.

Greg Clarke
Years served on the Board of Advisors: 9

Why did you want to join the Board of Advisors?

I was keen to use my profile in the Queensland property sector to encourage and increase awareness of homeless youth. The property and construction industries have the necessary expertise, ability and personnel to build accommodation for those in need, or in threat of having no safe place to sleep. As my 40-year plus professional career has given me many rewards, recognitions and pride; I wanted to be of benefit to others and the Foundation was my choice for giving back.

Tell us about your board roles?

As past Commodore RQYS, I started as a Committee Member for the Charity Regatta, then moved to the Queensland Board of Advisors, prior to being appointed Queensland Chairman and on the national Board of Directors. I recently stood down as Chairman and will finish my term on the Board at the end of August at the 10-year dinner.

What have been some of your highlights and people you’d like to mention?

I agree with Susan, the Foundation staff are fantastic and deserve huge recognition, as do all those who have and continue to volunteer their time/skill – be it large or small – to resolving the never-ending challenge of youth homelessness.

The continued growth in participants and financial success of the Charity Regatta has been a highlight for me, followed by hearing the amazing stories of young Queensland people who have faced life’s challenges and conquered their fears.

How have you seen the Foundation grow and develop?

The Property Industry Foundation is now well established in Queensland and will continue to remain relevant to its donors, as well as the whole of the property and construction industries.

What’s next?

For me, at this stage of my career, I’m delighted to be handing the baton on to those with greater enthusiasm, creativity and connections. It’s time to enjoy other things in life … if not now, when?