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This month, we say a huge thank you to Future Leaders Committee (FLC) Co-Chairs Andrew Borley and Vanessa Borg, who are passing the baton to new chairs Sami Hassoun and Melissa Gardner. Andrew and Vanessa’s leadership and contribution to the Foundation has been exceptional over many years of service. While both will remain on the committee, they reflect on their highlights as Chairs and how the FLC has grown over the years.

Vanessa Borg, Pre‑Construction and Relationship Manager, Plan Group

Why did you initially decide to support the Foundation?

I wanted to give back to a charity that I could align my values with and that was the Property Industry Foundation. My 14-year-old daughter was eight when I first joined the Foundation and became involved. Our kids are the next generation, and someone needs to look after them. They are just so helpless.

What have been some of your highlights as Co-Chair?

My absolute highlight was Steps for Homeless Youth! That’s when I knew I had made my mark on the FLC and I was ready to step down to let someone else take my spot. Sami and Mel will do a brilliant job.

How have you seen the FLC grow and develop?

When Andrew and I initially joined the committee, we were told it had been very hard to get anyone to commit to days and getting involved. Andrew and I set up a charter that everyone must sign. We interview people prior to them joining to outline what is expected and we make sure that the committee is inclusive, and everyone has an  opportunity to bring new things to the table or have a voice generally.

How have you and Andrew supported each other as Co-Chairs?

Andrew has been a great Co-Chair – I wouldn’t have enjoyed this so much if it wasn’t for him. We both have very busy work lives so we would always communicate when meetings were coming up and decide if we were both going or who was best suited to attend. You don’t need both chairs at all events so Andrew and I tag teamed those as well to keep the momentum going. For example, Andrew is a keen golfer and I hate it, so he would go to charity golf days and I would do the Tour de PIF events. We both just connected and it worked.

Will you stay involved in the Foundation in the future?

100%! I’m not leaving the Foundation, just stepping back from the FLC Co-Chair role. I’ll remain connected with everyone and continue to offer my support.

Andrew Borley, Senior Asset Manager – Mirvac

Why did you initially decide to support the Foundation?

There was a clear opportunity to give back to a worthy cause through the use of the connections within my company and network. As a charity, the Foundation aligns with these connections, so it makes it easier to generate support. Most of us have had a relatively have had a privileged upbringing, so to be able to help others who don’t have that luxury is important to me personally.

Tell us some of your highlights from over the years?

Being involved with the Charity Regatta has been fantastic, as well as establishing the Furniture Fund with an inaugural donation of furniture from Mirvac and being part of the organising committee for the 2023 Steps for Homeless Youth event. The Foundation events are so fun – a great way to meet people and create contacts within the industry.