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Creating high visibility for house projects for homeless youth

The Property Industry Foundation is about industry initiatives that create opportunities and value within the industry to connect proudly in making a difference in young lives. Our newest initiative will give people in the property and construction industry the opportunity to literally wear the cause proudly.

Projekt ocean and The Property Industry Foundation have partnered together to build a new line of eco-friendly high visibility vests that help the environment and homeless youth. These high vis vests are built by recycling plastic bottles (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and turning them into a yarn that is manufactured into fabric to produce recycled polyester fibre.


By making our vests out of this recycled material it produces a number of environmental benefits such as reducing materials in landfill, reduces air pollution from manufacturing and means fewer bottles are on streets and in oceans. All while providing a durable performance fibre that wicks moisture and is easy to maintain.

Young Person Boy Sad Red Hoodie

This is only one aspect of the positive impact you can make by purchasing these recycled high vis vests. 6% of all purchases are donated to the Property Industry Foundation and go towards house projects for homeless young people in need. House builds are ongoing and create the foundations where young people can rebuild and empower their lives with safe spaces to develop and on-hand support from our partnering charities. Every bedroom made will support not only the young person currently living in it, but young people to come in need of a safe space and a second chance.

Environmental Benefits

Yarn from discarded plastic bottles diverts plastic from landfill and utilizes fewer resources compared to virgin polyester yarn.


Less Energy


Fewer Carbon Emissions


Less Water



HI Vis vest

When you purchase high vis vests for your construction site or workplace, you will be taking pollution out of our oceans and homeless youth off our streets. Your vests will also feature your company branding alongside the new Property Industry Foundation logo which will be officially launched in January 2022. You get a sneak peek of the new logo which your workplace can wear as a badge of honour for doing your part to make a difference.