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Over 28,000 young Australians aged 12 to 24 years were estimated to be homeless

Today is the start of Homelessness Week and the theme this year is – It’s time to end homelessness. Over 28,000 young Australians aged 12 to 24 years were estimated to be homeless on Census night 2021. Young people are particularly vulnerable to the impact of homelessness, not only to their education and transition to employment, but also to the formation of stable and healthy relationships. Affordable, suitable and stable housing is fundamental in ensuring the economic, social, psychological and physical wellbeing of young people.

As the creators of homes and communities, our industry has played a vital role in addressing youth homelessness. Here is our 2022 Impact Report, the report highlights what we have done together as an industry in 2022.

We built or refurbished five houses – all medium to long term accommodation for five frontline charity partners. We brought 20 more bedrooms to the market for vulnerable youth. Bringing our total to 238 bedrooms, home to 335 young people. That is 86,870 safe nights of sleep.

I hope it touches your heart to know of the role you played in making this happen. Thank you for generosity when fundraising for our events, volunteering at fundraisers, participating in workerbees and committees, and giving you time, experience and products for Haven Projects.

It’s because of people like you that Kristen, the first resident of Haven House Dulwich Hill can study to become a Teacher’s Aide and work towards moving into her own apartment (p.39). Your support enabled us to provide two young women and their baby sons a safe home in Clayton (p.27), since its opening in March 2022. These are just small glimpses of the tangible impact we have made together.