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A personal SleepOut experience

In September TrussCorp Director Ross Glennie expressed the companies plan to hold a workplace SleepOut to help fundraise for this years Property industry SleepOut. We are happy to see that after a successful Gold Coast and Brisbane SleepOut, TrussCorp held their workplace SleepOut on a spooky 30th of October night.

The TrussCorp team managed to raise the highest team amount for the Brisbane event and the second-highest team amount for the overall SleepOut with $6,637 in anticipation for their end of month workplace camp out. This comes as a fantastic accomplishment seeing as their expressed target in September was $5,000!

Six members (including director Ross Glennie) of the TrussCorp team sat around a warm fire and used the time to reflect on the issue of youth homelessness through open discussion. The more personal setting created great discussion and solidified the importance of their fantastic fundraising efforts.

The company in September expressed that they wanted to make an impact. Through the amount raised, the discussions had and the team bonding, that impact will well and truly be felt through their contribution to building more bedrooms for homeless youth and through the experience shared.

A big thank you goes out to not only TrussCorp, but all companies that used the SleepOut as an opportunity to reconnect in the name of changing young lives.