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Thinking of a novel way to contribute to the Property Industry Foundation’s Hard Hat Day? Take a leaf out of Walker Corporation’s book!

The developer has devised a fresh fundraising idea – selling the floral arrangements at Parramatta Square to lucky tenants and collecting the money raised for homeless youth.

So, how does it work? “Flowers are delivered fresh every Monday morning,” explains Darren Gleave, Head Concierge. “The Concierge takes photos, which are then uploaded to our ‘Parramatta Square App’, used by tenants. Tenants then place a silent bid on one or all of the arrangements. Bidding closes 11am Friday. Flowers are then taken to our onsite florist so they’re wrapped and ready for the winning bidders to take home for the weekend and enjoy in their home.” The money collected will be donated every few weeks to the Property Industry Foundation’s Hard Hat Appeal.

We think that’s a blooming marvellous idea, Walker!

Plan your own fundraiser

Hard Hat culminates on Hard Hat Day on Friday 26 August 2022, but activities can be across a single day, week, and or the entire month. Host an on-site BBQ, bake sale or book fair, or hold a fun raffle for your team. Join us in raising funds for homeless youth!