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LLOYD has joined the Property industry Foundation as a new silver sponsor, another way for the company to give back to communities.

“It was a natural step for LLOYD to begin supporting the Property Industry Foundation,” says General Manager Matthew Licuria. “We are a company who have remained steadfast in deepening our community network over our 40 years in business, and we’re eager to begin helping Australian youth into safe and secure homes.”

As a leading construction company, LLOYD is well placed to offer support with our Haven Project – building safe and secure homes for youth homelessness charities to run.

“The work the Property Industry Foundation does through the Haven Project is of vital importance,” says Matthew. “Sadly, there is still a large amount of youth without access to a safe home. We’re looking forward to expanding on our opportunities with the Haven Project, extending this initiative to our wider staff and getting our hands dirty throughout the process!”

“Being able to give a stable place for disadvantaged young people to rebuild their lives means opening their doors to many more opportunities they’re not otherwise exposed to.”

LLOYD General Manager, Matthew Licuria

Like many in the construction industry, LLOYD is compelled to give back to those less fortunate through sharing their expertise. “In our industry, we are fortunate to have access to many skilled workers; being able to share these skills beyond our commercial operations is an invaluable opportunity,” says  Matthew. “We feel the expertise of our team is an ideal match for the construction of new homes for homeless youth. Our delivery teams as a combined force with those who support us through fundraising or volunteering means the cross-section of support we can provide will continue to evolve.”

LLOYD is proudly supporting Hard Hat Day 2022 across several of their sites. “We also look forward to participating in future events, such as the regatta and Tour de PIF as we continue to engage our staff across all levels of the business and see this uptake as high priority for such a fantastic cause.”