Systemic Change

Our Approach to Youth Homelessness

Unraveling the Issue of Youth Homelessness

The Property Industry Foundation is committed to not just battling the symptoms, but addressing the root cause of youth homelessness. Here’s how we make a difference.

Our Philosophy

The Property Industry Foundation knows that to end youth homelessness will require wholescale change. That is why the Foundation has moved to putting 20% of our capital, time and energy into supporting initiatives that bring about systemic change.

This kind of approach requires the Foundation to look at the system as a whole and support initiatives and programs that seek to redesign the homeless youth system to get a better result for our vulnerable youth.

Our Impact

45,000 Young People Are Homeless

Real stories. Real change. Witness the transformative power of our systemic approach through these success stories.

Get Involved

Join us in our mission. Learn how you can contribute to this systemic change.

Systemic Change News

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