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Aqualand have shown their support for homeless youth by signing on as a Platinum donor, continuing their partnership with the Property Industry Foundation.

Aqualand are firm believers that all young Australians deserve safe, secure housing to thrive and realise their potential. “We all know affordable, suitable and stable housing is fundamental in ensuring the economic, social, psychological and physical wellbeing of young people, and it’s something most of us take for granted,” says Aqualand Head of Sales and Marketing, Alex Adams. “Yet, despite living in ‘the lucky country’, the problem of youth homelessness persists.”

Alex believes the collective power of the property and construction industry can make a difference to the housing crisis facing our most vulnerable citizens. “We’re strong advocates of all players in the property industry doing all they can to help address Sydney’s ongoing housing crisis,” he says. “With our collective housing skills and resources, we believe our industry has an obligation to find viable solutions, especially for those most in need, like those supported by the Property Industry Foundation.”

The Aqualand team is proud to continue their Platinum partnership with the Foundation, showing support for Haven Project building programs and other initiatives that have a tangible impact on youth homelessness. “We strongly believe having a home is a basic requirement for all Australians, regardless of age or financial standing,” says Alex. “This is why we’re very proud to continue our support of the Foundation.”

Aqualand plans to be actively involved in Property Foundation events throughout 2024 and beyond. “Our team will be showing their support for the Foundation at events such as Hard Hat and Tour de PIF throughout the year,” says Alex.Meanwhile, we encourage all our industry peers to also get involved, so that this housing gap can finally be filled.”