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A supersized worker bee in Brisbane has created a beautiful home for homeless youth thanks to the combined support of Brisbane Youth Service (BYS), Brisbane City Council (BCC), and the Queensland Government, along with our generous corporate partners.

The Property Industry Foundation and its Queensland supporters came together for a busy and productive working bee to transform a four-bedroom property into a comfortable safe haven for young people at risk or experiencing homelessness. The Falconer House property was made available through the BCC Community Housing Partnership Project. This innovative project uses vacant properties earmarked for future development as a practical solution to the housing crisis.

Industry Support

The stylish and practical makeover was made possible thanks to donations and enthusiastic volunteer teams from Kane Constructions, MinterEllison, Built, MBM, and Saunders Havill Group. King Living also generously donated gorgeous furnishings. The group worked tirelessly to assemble countless flat packs and set up livable, welcoming spaces, where young people can come to heal and rebuild their lives.

Property Industry Foundation Queensland State Manager Antoinette Rusby-Perera said the Foundation is proud to support projects like BYS’s Falconer Houses, that provide stability and opportunity for occupants to learn, live out their dreams, and make their contribution to society.

“We would like to extend our appreciation to Brisbane City Council and Brisbane Youth Service for their proactive stance in addressing youth homelessness. Through partnerships like these and corporate donors who are thrilled to assist, we are collectively paving the path towards hope and opportunity in our youth. Together, we can transform houses into homes and help provide a foundation for vulnerable youth to thrive.”

“By championing the creation of more housing, we not only provide a safe haven, but also a solid foundation for vulnerable young people to fully embrace the advantages life has to offer, breaking the cycle of homelessness and paving the way for a brighter future.”

Pam Barker, CEO of Brisbane Youth Service

Want to volunteer to help make a house a home for the Property Industry Foundation? CLICK HERE to enquire about workerbees in your state or arrange your own.