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Connecting with a leader in property finance and investment

Monark Property Partners Chief Operating Officer, Stella Rosenthal, has joined this month’s group of potential Coffee Roulette connections.

With years of financial and investment experience in the property industry spanning across Australia, America and England, Stella brings a wealth of interesting and diverse knowledge and experience to the coffee table. Stella is also a member of PIF’s VIC Board of Advisors. 

If you haven’t already signed up to PIF’s Coffee Roulette, right now is definitely the best time to join. 

Coffee Roulette is PIF’s way of connecting the industry. In these times it never hurts to create opportunities to physically or virtually get in touch and see how we can move forward together as an industryIt’s a great way to increase your network and connect with new, but like-minded, people. 

Using the tools you have on hand (a cafe, a laptop, a mobile phone, a coffee mug and so on) we can bring back great connections with others or even create new ones every month. 

Connect with an Industry leader

This month, Stella Rosenthal will be joining PIF’s Coffee Roulette. Stella’s bio is below. Good luck!

  • Chief Operating Officer at Monark Property Partners, a leading property financier and investment group
  • Over 25 years’ experience in property financing, development and investment banking in London, Sydney and New York
  • Broad and diverse background ranging from being CFO for a development group in Oklahoma to advising Eastern European governments on privatisation and more recently managing one of Melbourne’s largest infill projects
  • Stella joined the PIF Board of Advisers (Vic) in 2019 and is also a co-founder of Minerva Women in Property, a group of senior women in the property industry that seeks to connect and empower women in leadership roles.