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A day to empower

ConnellGriffin held an event in early March to acknowledge the impact of women in the construction industry and also generally the systemic issues within the industry.  This event brought great opportunity to celebrate diversity in the industry but also created opportunity for homeless youth.

Roberts Co CEO Alison Mirams who spoke during the event used her platform on the day to help impact the lives of young Australians by requesting a donation be made to the Property Industry Foundation’s PIF House program for homeless youth.

It’s fantastic collaborations like Alison’s and ConnellGriffin which help to drive new and exciting ways to do that bit extra to help change young lives. Thank you to Alison and ConnellGriffin for keeping the cause in mind during the event.

Connell Griffin and Alison Mirams
Left to right: ConnellGriffin Managing Director, Brian Connell | Roberts & Co Alison Mirams | ConnellGriffin Director, Cat Almond