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Mirvac Joins Plantmark for a Community Day Workerbee

A team of enthusiastic Mirvac volunteers recently joined our garden partners Plantmark for a green makeover at Haven House Coburg in Victoria. The six-bedroom home is run by our charity partner, The Lighthouse Foundation, and is a safe haven for mothers and babies, with two dedicated live-in carers.

Garden Goals

The goals for Mirvac’s Community Day workerbee were to rejuvenate the garden areas and make them safe for children to play outside.

“It was important to ensure the garden spaces were low maintenance, functional and inspirational for both the mothers and children living in the house, in addition to providing shade and security”

Kirk Bryant, Plantmark Projects and Tenders Manager

The volunteers immediately got stuck into removing overgrown foliage, trees and roots and pruning back grasses, shrubs and trees.

“With 15 Mirvac volunteers we were able to completely transform the overgrown and neglected garden, into a space that was inviting and that the occupants could be proud of,”

“The garden will now allow mothers and babies who live in the house the ability to play outside in a safe environment.”

Andrew Borley, Asset Manager at Mirvac

Helping Hands

Plantmark was on hand to provide horticulture advice.

“We were thrilled to also volunteer our time at the Mirvac Teams Community Day workerbee by providing simple and practical planting solutions and also get our hands dirty digging, planting and creating a beautiful space for the residents,”

“The Mirvac team were tremendously efficient in working together. They dispersed into separate garden spaces to plant, mulch and water the newly created gardens. It was incredible and inspiring to see what a collective and dedicated team can achieve in just four hours, making an immediate impact upon the aesthetic and purpose of the facility.”

Kirk Bryant, Plantmark Projects and Tenders Manager

Healthy Surprises

The Mirvac volunteers also arranged a special surprise for the residents.

“All members of the team bought some items to create a Healthy Hamper for the mothers and babies of the house,”

“Over $300 worth of quality food and baby supplies were donated.”

Andrew Borley, Asset Manager at Mirvac

Upon learning that one of the carers, Vanessa loves to cook using herbs and veggies from the garden, Plantmark also arranged to return to the house to plant more herbs and edibles for the carers and mums to try in their daily meal prep.

“It’s fantastic to be part of the lifelong happy memories that this potentially creates”

Kirk Bryant, Plantmark Projects and Tenders Manager

Connecting to Our Cause

The Coburg workerbee provided our long-time supporters Mirvac with a strong connection to the Property Industry Foundation, a sense of purpose and team-building.

“We all enjoyed the positive team vibes, a huge sense of camaraderie and satisfaction,”

“It was a great way for our team to all catch-up and do something different together. Given we work in the property industry, it makes sense that a leading property company like Mirvac utilise its skills for the greater good. A little effort on our side can have a big impact for the Foundation.”

Andrew Borley, Asset Manager at Mirvac

Want to volunteer to help make a house a home for the Property Industry Foundation? CLICK HERE to enquire about workerbees in your state or arrange your own.