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At Haven House Coburg, young mum *Tegan is blossoming into a more mature parent and has stepped into a leadership role.

The six-bedroom home is managed by our charity partners, Lighthouse Foundation, who provide a therapeutic program for young mums impacted by neglect, abuse and homelessness. At Haven House Coburg they can finally belong, heal and thrive.

Tegan is one of four disadvantaged young mums and their babies and toddlers who are supported by two live-in carers in the home. Tegan has two small children; her eldest is three and loves the welcoming, familiar feel of the house. She spends lots of happy time riding her bike in the yard and using the play equipment.

“She’s maturing in her parenting and is now more of a leader amongst the household,”

“She’s stepped up in doing more of the shopping and cooking and has been supportive of the other girls and their babies.”

Lighthouse Foundation Team

Meanwhile, Tegan has developed into a mentor for other residents.

“It will be a help for her to find a place nearby the Coburg North home as the support that is available as part of the Lighthouse community is clearly very helpful to her,”

Lighthouse Foundation Team

Good luck, Tegan!

*Not her real name

Mirvac joined forces with Plantmark in a workerbee at Haven House Coburg on 4 May doing a garden clean up and supporting young mums like Tegan to find their feet as parents. Get your team involved in a workerbee and give back to homeless youth.