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Everyone needs the basics. Donate a box of everyday toiletry items or join us in wrapping toiletry supplies for homeless youth on Wednesday 16 August.

Our annual toiletries event in Melbourne is a time to gather up and donate items such as toothbrushes, soap, deodorant and other necessities and package them up for Melbourne City Mission (MCM). Sponsored by Pitcher Partners, it’s an event which unites and connects our industry.

“Access to toiletries is vital for homeless youth in terms of their health, hygiene, and self-esteem,” says Dru Mills, MCM’s Head of Corporate and Community. “It allows them to maintain proper hygiene practices, reducing the risk of diseases and promoting overall well-being and inclusion. By providing toiletries, such as soap, toothpaste, and menstrual hygiene products, homeless youths can feel refreshed, confident, and maintain a sense of dignity. Access to these basic necessities enhances their self-esteem, facilitates social interaction and inclusion, and contributes to their mental and emotional well-being, ultimately improving their overall quality of life.”

Those looking to donate products to the drive, should think about what’s in their own bathroom cabinet and go big. “Often people donate travel sizes, thinking it would help with the transient nature of those sleeping rough. But really it is great to have people purchase the products they would want to use,” Dru advises. “I recommend adding an extra item or two to your weekly shop and donating these. Giving them full size products like they would have used at home, particularly shower gel, deodorant and dental hygiene products can go a long way to making the refuge feel like a home rather than a transient stay.”

Last year, 700 toiletry packs were donated to MCM and they are grateful for the continued support from the property and construction industry. “It’s an incredible amount of support,” says Dru. “So many organisations coming together to support the work of MCM and to help us make those who are homeless feel safe and feel like they can have a hot shower, a warm bed and the dignity that comes with personal hygiene can make a big difference to the work we do. It’s only with the ongoing support of organisations like the Property Industry Foundation and those assisting with the toiletry drive, that we can continue to offer services to those who need it most.”

Want to donate? Items can be delivered to Pitcher Partners from Monday 14 August, deliveries prior to this date cannot be accepted.

** Please note: Aerosols and Razors won’t be accepted at this time.