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The team from PTID joined a workerbee at Haven House Bonbeach in Victoria, giving the garden some TLC

A group of ten staff members from PTID volunteered their time to spruce up the garden at Haven House Bonbeach, run by the Lighthouse Foundation. The home supports four young people aged 15-22 who would otherwise be homeless. “It was fantastic to engage in something bigger than ourselves and find a way to give back,” says Courtney Gonzalvez, Associate at PTID. “We were grateful that the Property Industry Foundation was able to connect us to such a worthy cause, engaging with the community in a very different way than we are used to.”

The PTID team were joined by the green thumbs at Plantmark to tend to the outdoor space and herb garden. “We spent the day weeding, planting, and doing general maintenance with the help of Plantmark,” says Courtney. “This included maintenance on a herb garden – a much loved feature of those living in the home. This was particularly special, contributing to something that brings the residents much joy.”

The PTID team came from all over Melbourne to join the workerbee. “Our group are familiar with the work that the Foundation does and were thrilled at the opportunity to get involved,” says Courtney. “We had company directors, architects and designers ready to roll up their sleeves, all were quick to action, determined and genuinely happy to support the Property Industry Foundation and the Lighthouse Foundation. It was particularly special to hear about the work of the Lighthouse Foundation and how we were able to contribute. On a personal note – I was very proud of how everyone worked together. It was outside of our area of expertise but teamwork wins.”

To anyone thinking of joining a workerbee, Courtney has a few words of encouragement. “Do it! The experience is both rewarding and humbling – with huge impact.”  

Want to volunteer to help make a house a home for the Property Industry Foundation? CLICK HERE to enquire about workerbees in your state or arrange your own.